Launch: Louche Milieu

After a few years(!) of commercial retail real estate searching and months of late-night renovating and painting, I am so excited to announce....Louche Milieu. I have been passionate about many things in my life but in recent years my collections have turned to mid-century marvels; the brilliance of early modern design and the craftmanship and integrity of mid century designers.  
I am starting this blog to weave the store opening, my inventory, discoveries and interests into a tapestry of unique items, information and ideas.  Louche Milieu is just like it eclectic collection of beautiful vintage jewellery, danish furniture, lighting and 'objets d'art' which I love or make me laugh...Some of you may find my collection "of questionable taste"...Here is hoping that you, like me, celebrate the 'question' and enjoy upcycling the unique!

See you soon if like me, you like to " modern like its mid-century!"